About Tonesall

Tonesall is a Ringtone sharing network that allows users to share and download Ringtones for mobile phones. We have a large and growing collection of free ringtones on this site spanning many categories.

Anyone can upload Ringtones and our voting system ensures that only geniune ringtones are featured on the website. All newly submitted ringtones are added to New Ringtones sections and our users vote them to Voted Ringtones section.

If you like a Ringtone, vote for it. Just click on the Vote button once and you are done. It takes less than half a second and contributes more than anything else to this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of this site ?

The purpose of this site is to provide a our members the ability to share and download free Ringtones, you will need to register with us (this is free) in order to fastly download to your pc or phone.

Q. Is this site and its downloads realy free ?

As shocking as it may seem the answer is YES all Ringtones on this site is totaly free, we have no conection to any mobile service providers. If you download any of the content via our mobile site (m.tonesall.com) then you need to know that most mobile service providers do charge you for conecting to the internet with your mobile phone just as if you were making a phone call.

Q. What's the difference between voted Ringtones and new Ringtones ?

As a rule of thumb, every new Ringtone will first appear in New Ringtones section and if it recieves 3 or more votes, it will automatically move to Voted Ringtones section. This helps us identify genuine Ringtones based on user recommendations.

Q. Can I vote on my own Ringtones ?

Yes. As a matter of fact, as long as you submit a Ringtones, you have automatically voted for it.

Q. Do I need to register to be able to vote ?

Absolutely Not. Anyone can vote whether he or she is a registered member or not. Just click once on the vote button and you are done.

Q. How do I start/stop recieving your newsletter?

If you wish to start or stop receiving our newsletter then simply enter your emails address to our site footer newsletter module.

Q. I have a suggestion, idea or complaint ?

Please contact us with your valid contact information and we will get back to you within 24 hours in most cases.